A good old-fashioned dungeon crawl

nce the seat of a powerful and rich Kingdom the castle enjoyed a long period of addition and expansion. Many clever workmen made great Halls of Reception and erected tall, stout fortifications for the Kings' Glory. Pussiant Wizards were employed to apply Warding Spells to the very walls. It is reported by some that these strong measures were needed to repulse the Kingdom's many enemies. Secret passages and ingenius valves lace the structure, it is a myth still told of the line of 'witches' who could come and go to any part of the stronghold at will.

  That was long, long ago and whether the Kingdom's enemies combined and overwhelmed it, or, as it is also whispered, the near constant expansion of the Castle broke into something truely Evil. Designed with many formidable traps and hidden openings time itself has deteriorated and destroyed an unknownable number of them.

Do not expect any victory monuments here; in this castle, the only reward is continued survival.


Difficulty should be on 'Normal' or higher.

Only the digging of dirt/grass and any ores are allowed. (Except in Emergency, of course)

********* simple, no? **********


This map was designed for groups; going in alone would not only take a stupid long time, but would also be nearly impossible.
It would take literally months to see everything.

Even with a group I can guarantee that all the extant places to visit will not be experienced.

Go anywhere you want! This is a relatively sandbox map, and just because we tell you to stay away or go somewhere doesn't mean you have to!

On that note, remember to keep your eyes open for what might be called easter eggs! Just keep in mind that finding and exploring the obvious easter eggs may be more deadly then anything in the castle proper.

Personally, I will feel saddened and ashamed if I don't kill more than half of any party . . .

Suggestion: Scoring could be kept by assorted loot, just list all ores (smelted or not, doesn't matter) when you quit the map.

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