John Jackson

More Pictures - updated July 2016

Having worked in the woods and the mills, John Jackson is accustomed
to handling wood. Falling timber and then on through the processing
to finished product - from structural lumber to various kinds of paper -
Mr. Jackson has had an active part in wood-work and The Woods.

At this workbench John knocks together things like pallets, birdhouses,
trees, specialized equipment models, mills, malls and refineries.



I think what he does is worthy of note and is flat beautiful.

John is remarkably resourceful in some of his construction, but,
to remark on them might be giving away trade secrets.

I do know that he uses a lot of on-hand an natural local material.



It is important that the models be to scale, for you see,
Mr. Jackson is a model train enthusiast.

The sublime combination of available space, skill,
life experience and artistry has moved him to seek a
"more realistic Rail Road rather than a switchyard".







John tells me that he can get the detailed scale model kits
for nearly all the equipment he wants to include in
his Rail Road. However, no-one makes a model with
the kind of business end that he is very familiar with.

So, John made his own.



Paper Mill model.

















Lumber Mill




















How did he print that so small?

















I have no doubts about his being able to make the rest of his scenery around his Rail Road look very realistic.
( I already am imagining 'Helicopter' movie scenes . . . )

This is a only a portion of his carefully crafted minitures -
I have not included pictures of the flour nor the concrete mills.
The paper mill is still in the early stages of construction and
the refinery is being collected.














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