"After A Century Of Unrecognized Loneliness"

moon-time move at heartbeat speed,

unbridled and released, a basic need,

come moments when not even we,

can say where one stops and the other be


"Did your Lover fragment your heart?"   

   much more precious,
            they let me know where I stand
"Did your Lover leave you lonely?"   
   more importantly,
            left me knowing who I am

I desired all of you, adoring the whole
you seek and find the shadows defining my soul
born of gentle wonder, tempered by passion's heat
you will reap the bitter and I will glean the sweet

the trail to here and now has lows and highs
liberally punctuated with sobs and sighs
I relive tempest glory that swept me off my feet
you will enshrine the bitter, I will live the sweet

harshest lessons learned while dwelling far apart
are these scars or deft filigree outlining my heart
I will mind the memory and sift it in my sleep
you would take the bitter and I will keep the sweet

Thank you


Oh, Yes, I have Loved in all it's vivid shades
both lively brilliant men and sturdy winsome maids

I have Loved dearly in means petty and/or sublime
and in the thrilled thrilling paid with sweat and the coin of time

I have Loved fully and gushed without reserve
but, on the whole, I was Loved much more than I deserved


© 2009-2012 Brian F.S. McCabe, Jaked Complete