Experienced in wide range of web site design, development, hosting, deployment and maintenance.

Past Projects:
  COHGA Hayfinder - Central Oregon Hay and Grass Association; on-line search of available fodder/prices

Prineville Roundup Magazine -

  Consultant and coder for Zerobyte Designs™ , Graphic Solutions™ and CheckUsOut.com©
  Deployed and maintained PayLess Drug Stores website for it's venture capital phase of returning the brand name to the daughter of the original founder, including product ordering and eCommerce bank connections.
  Helped deploy and maintain the web site for Craving Theo , including music samples and swag sales. (Ah, good old days...)
  Specializing in tutoring and easy upkeep/update site building. And I can host pages or entire sites.




Studio Phone : 503-895-4630*

Studio currently located in
Prineville, Oregon 97754

Web Mechanic            
"Spin 'em up, Head 'em out"



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* the phone has a very good chance of being unheard/off so, please, leave a voice message. We check at least once a week.